7 reasons why...

There are 7 reasons why is important to realize such a project as we have prepared. What do the official statistics of Ministry of social affairs, Ministry of education, Ministry of the interior of the Czech Republic say:
• There are 1000-1200 children and young adults leaving orphanages every year
• Capacity of Halfway houses is 4-5x lower then the actual need is
• Majority of these people stays at the bottom of society and within two years after leaving the orphanage 50% of them has a criminal record
• 70% homeless people used to live in orphanage
• For children staying in an orphanage longer then a year is there an increasing risk for being diagnosed by a syndrome of institutional addiction – it´s a disability to deal with situation of every day life, a disability to rid off the habits used in orphanage, and what´s more important a disability to be responsible for their own behavior
• The percentage of people diagnosed by a syndrome of hereditary poverty is rapidly increasing. These young people don´t have any work habits from their families – they´ve never seen parents and grandparents going to job or having their own business
• The price for dealing with overindebtness and criminality is much higher then the price of prevention

yourchance NGO comes up with a complex conception how to change it.

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Jana Merunková and Gabriela Křivánková


Start on the right foot

The idea of this project is closely connected with the idea of yourchance NGO and its name referring to giving a chance to people. In case of  Start on the right foot we want to give a chance to young people leaving orphanages and help them with the right start to their lives. Our primary aim is a system of contact centres established in following five years where the young boys and girls will be able to find a help with managing daily life activities themselves. The help is focused on these spheres:

  • Housing
  • Work
  • How to be economical with money
  • Another studies and courses
  • Personal mentoring

During designing this project we were using many analysis and also our experience in working with children in orphanages. The greatest success at the beginning of  Start on the right foot is our team of professionals who have got our project ready for implementation.

And what is our secondary aim? – We´d like to help to transform Czech social system so that it can be more responsive to these young adult´s needs.







Start on the right foot


The goal of the project is to build up within five next years a chain of contact centers for young adults leaving orphanages who need to deal with common life.


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